The Mancala Group is committed to the principles of sustainable development. We see the environment as an opportunity for economic growth and business success while acknowledging that all of our activities must be balanced with protection of the environment.


To achieve the standards of environmental performance to which it is committed, Mancala will provide both adequate financial and human resources which shall endeavour to ensure the following:



  • Operations are conducted, as a minimum, in compliance with all relevant environmental codes of practice, licences and legislation;
  • Environmental risks arising from its operations are identified and managed;
  • Continuous performance improvement in environmental management, production processes, waste management and the use of resources;
  • That periodic reviews of objectives and targets that relate to environmental management are undertaken;
  • The provision of appropriate training and awareness for all employees on environmental issues;
  • Communication is regularly undertaken with employees in relation to the responsibilities of individuals and the company in environmental management; and
  • Mancala will communicate with shareholders and the community about its environmental performance and will contribute to the development of laws and regulations which may affect the business.



The acceptance and development of an environmentally responsible culture is promoted at all locations and environmental awareness is included as a major component in the induction of personnel. An integral process through all phases of Mancala’s mining and contracting activities is the assessment and control of environmental impacts.

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