Vision and Mission




To be recognised by our stakeholders as the most proficient mining and mine services company in the world.




To create wealth and well being for our stakeholders by leveraging the talent and ingenuity of individuals within the Group for the benefit of the Group and society.




Mancala will achieve its vision by:


  • Providing above all else a safe, non-threatening and enjoyable work place for our employees, contractors and customers;
  • Attracting, retaining and nurturing its employees to excel in their chosen professions as individuals and within the team;
  • Instilling in all stakeholders the 'Mancala Way' which incorporates the core values of Safety, Quality, People, Integrity, and Innovation;
  • Ensuring that experience and innovation is recognised and rewarded at all levels within the company structure; and
  • Providing management with sufficient resources and opportunity to achieve their individual and the Group's goals.


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