Health And Safety




  • To create a workplace environment, which is free from work related injuries, fatalities and occupational diseases.
  • To eliminate or effectively control circumstances which could lead to personal injury, property damage or business disruption.
  • To complete all projects in a safe and efficient manner, on time, and within budget. 




Safety of oneself and others is the responsibility of every individual regardless of appointment or seniority, and is an integral part of all work on every task in every work environment.


  • Identifiable hazards can have their risks controlled or eliminated.
  • Work related fatalities, injuries and occupational diseases are preventable.
  • Mancala's and its employees' prosperity are reliant upon the provision of a safe workplace.




MANsafe is an integrated OH&S and Training system adopted by Mancala to manage the diverse range of activities within which the company participates.  The system conforms to the recommendations of AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. MANsafe is generic in nature; being designed to easily integrate with client based systems.  The system provides the policy and procedural framework within which all Mancala's operations are conducted


Intrinsic to MANsafe is an auditing procedure, which measures and reviews the effectiveness of Mancalas safety management system. Mancala is committed to providing and maintaining, as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP), a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, sub-contractors and the communities in which we operate.  


 Mancala meets this commitment through the implementation of MANsafe by:


  • Complying with relevant legislative statutory requirements and standards to provide a safe work environment, fit for purpose plant and equipment;
  • Providing training to all employees to meet competency requirements for their assigned task or job description;
  • Identifying and providing the necessary information, instruction, supervision and education to enable all employees to effectively carry out their tasks in a manner which prevents injury or illness to themselves and to others;
  • Investigating all hazards reported, accidents, incidents, or near misses promptly and implement effective corrective actions for adequate control to reduce the risk to an acceptable ALARP level;
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement and prevention of work related injuries or incidents, with a focus on lead indicator participation by all employees;
  • Empowering all our employees and contractors to cease work where there is a threat to safety and encourage consultation and participation to promote and maintain safe and healthy work place and;
  • Monitoring compliance through auditing, inspections and  periodically reviewing the adequacy of the Occupational Health and Safety management system.

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