Mancala began as a mine owner and operator in 1990 and has been conducting selective, high grade open cut operations as an owner, contractor and alliance partner since 1992. With over 20 years' experience, Mancala has developed expertise in technically challenging open cut operations which have consistently delivered high recovery and low dilution for a high grade product. We have taken projects from conceptual targets to feasibility and statutory approval, full scale operation, closure and rehabilitation.


Mancala's open cut operations are characterised by:


  • As exemplified in a recent three year project which achieved zero LTI's while operating a highly challenging environment.
  • Low dilution, high recovery.  Grade is king!
  • Whether remnant mining or applying advance blasting techniques, we excel at technical challenges.
  • Skilled employees from the excavator to the core shed combined with quality well maintained equipment guarantee high productivity.
  • From getting the best possible deal from a supplier to preventing wastage, Mancala's personnel are budget beaters.
  • An open cut project that looks too difficult? Talk to Mancala - we have done it before and can do it again.

Global Mine Development AND PRODUCTION 



Narrow vein mining is in Mancala's heritage. From modern, safe and effective underground hand held techniques and selective open cut mining to mechanical excavation, Mancala can do safely what others can't.


Mancala has developed a complete 'mine to mill' service which specialises in mining satellite or subsiduary deposits adjacent to a major processing facility.  This approach allows exploitation of resources that may have been considered too difficult, or too small for stand alone production while allowing the client to focus on their core mining operation.


Mancala capability includes:

  • Geological apprasial, JORC categorisation up grade and estimation.
  • Environmental and statutory approval from base line monitoring to closure and rehabilitation.
  • Mining method selection, cost estimation and implementation.
  • Feasibility assesments to bankable standards.
  • Community and stakeholder relationship management.
  • Mine operation establishment, production and closure.


Mancala's prefered commericial relationship with the resource owner is one of where a sub-lease or similar arrangement is granted to Mancala covering the resource area.  Under such an arrangement, Mancala manages the technical, commericial, statutory and environmental risk while the resource owner recieves a quality product delivered to their ROM.



Mechanised mining of narrow vein deposits is generally limited to a 1.0 to 1.2m stoping width. Mancala's mechanised miner will potentially allow mining to a width of 800mm to be safely and efficiently excavated while maintaining rock mass integrity.


Leveraging from the success of the Mechanised Vertical Miner, Mancala is investigating the application of this innovative technology as a primary extraction tool. 



Mancala began as a mine owner operator in 1990 and has been contract mining since 1992. With a continually growing fleet of equipment, Mancala has been providing mechanised mining services and solutions for over 20 years.


Mancala mechanised mining services include:


  • Development - from 3.0 x 3.0m to 6.0 x 6.0m profiles, Mancala has the equipment and expertise to deliver.
  • Rock bolting and cable bolting - whether in cycle, stand alone or combined with fibrecrete.
  • Long hole drilling - tube drilling capabilities of up to 32m at 127mm diameter.
  • Production blasting - up holes and down holes with Anfo or emulsions.
  • Mucking and ore haulage - manual or teleremote mucking to efficient haul trucks.
  • Mine operation, supervision, technical and commercial management.


Mancala's mechanised mining safety record is second to none. Over the course of a recent  development and production project an average of 65 personnel achieved a total life of project LIT free record of 1200+ days.

Mancala’s mine development and production pedigree date from the ewarly 1990’s where as a mine owner all activities were conducted in house and as a development contractor, initially in Tasmania.

Over the years Mancala has owned and operated eight mines (underground and open cut) and has completed numerous, generally smaller scale mine development and production contracts.

In recent years Mancala has expanded its development and production skill set to offer clients a complete package for underground operations up to 1.5 million tonnes/year. All mine services are offered from portal development, to stoping


Mancala has purposely targeted the off shore development and production market with recent success in Vietnam at the Ban Phuc Project {Link to Five Kilometres of Mine Development in 12 Months at Remote Vietnam Mine Site- News item from old web site}. In Vietnam Mancala’s skills at training and developing a local workforce to become competent and safe, international standard miners was tested and ultimately proven to be very successful.