The Mancala Group of companies was formed by Martin Kyne and Bill Lannen in 1990 with the opening of the South Comet Mine on the West Coast of Tasmania. With a single mine, a sole customer and exposure to the vagaries of international metal prices, global economic conditions dictated a diversification of the operating strategy to incorporate contract mine services. 


A 200m decline by-pass contract at the Mt Lyell Mine was Mancala's first contract and was soon followed by developing the concept of equipping raise bore shafts with suspended modular ladders for use as an emergency egress. 


A strategy aimed at providing 'The Complete Shaft Solution', brought an alliance with Skanska of Sweden as a raise bore partner and the development of the 'Mancala Method' of large shaft construction by Horadiam techniques. Targeting further growth in the shaft construction sector, Mancala has embarked upon a major capital acquisition program; with raise bore rigs and pipe purchased from Atlas Copco and SBI of the USA. In conjunction with the company's growth in shaft construction and ancillary activities, numerous specialists mining contracts have been successfully completed, placing Mancala as a preeminent provider of mining services.


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