Conventional Raise Bore

In 1994 Mancala commenced raise boring in the Australian market as an adjunct to its shaft construction techniques of Horadiam and Bench and Line.

These methods of shaft construction each require a small diameter pilot shaft, upon which the larger shaft is constructed. At the turn of the 21st century, Mancala recognised a need in the Australian market for a professional, innovative and above all else safe raise boring contractor.  Subsequently, Mancala's raise boring business unit has grown to encompass nine rigs with capabilities to ream holes from 200mm to 6m in diameter and nominally 500m in length.

Mancala's growth is continuing with the recent arrival of the SBM 800.  Site based operations are supported by a comprehensive management system which aims to provide the safest, most reliable and productive raise boing service in Australia and the Australasian region.

Our current raise bore fleet consists of:


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