Above picture was taken at Ban Phuc and shows the breakthrough of the 1350 incline into the 1370 decline which happened at 6.00am on the 3rd September 2014 and is an excellent breakthrough result for line and grade. The development design is based on a figure eight at a gradient of 1:7 and a profile size of 5w x 5.5h.  

It will take a couple of shifts to secure the link up but the improvement in ventilation has been immediate especially in cooling the mine down. The breakthrough also means that the top portal access to mine will be closed from further use and now the underground will operate as one mine rather than two separate mining locations with upper and lower portals.

Thank you to all the crews for their massive effort in achieving this major milestone. The Vietnamese national miners with a hand full of expat trainers have proven themselves to be a great combination in delivering a fantastic development and production performance under trying conditions. Currently the Ban Phuc project MCL /Mancala Asia sits at 510 LTI Free days and have mined just over 6,500 metres of decline, incline and level development from project start up.


Dave Sheahen

Project Manager – Ban Phuc


Five Kilometres of Mine Development in 12 Months at Remote Vietnam Mine Site

The Mancala Group of companies has achieved 5,000 metres of underground mine development in 12 months and has ramped production to 30,000 tonnes per month at the Ban Phuc Nickel Mine. 

Ban Phuc - 100X133

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440m Rising Main at Rosebery Mine Complex
April 2014

Mancala was commissioned by MMG to design, supply and install a 440m Rising Main in a shaft, situated within the Rosebery mine complex on the west coast of Tasmania.  The rising main was assembled and lowered from the top with the final pipe string commissioned and chaired from the top.

The project involved installing Mancala’s Hydraulic Lifting Frame in the 4-level chamber to chair and lower the pipe string in 6m lengths.

The existing shaft brace on 4-level was modified to suit the base of the Hydraulic Lifting Frame and to account for the operating load of 80 tonnes on the rising main pipe.

Rosebery 100x141

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Underground Development

Mancala has been featured in the latest edition of the International Mining magazine in their Development in Motion article.



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Equipment for Sale - Winders

We have three winders for sale, read more.


Winders for Sale Sep 13

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